Jacques Du Toit

Industrial Designer, Artist, and Photographer

Company Services:


A.Modelling in SOLIDWORKS- Part Models. – Assembly Models.

B.High Resolution Rendering in PHOTOWORKS- Renders ready for presentations and marketing material.

C.Drawing Packs – Detailed drawings for manufacturing.- Exploded views can be added to show all components in more detail.

D.User Manuals – Can be for manufacturing, assembly and installation of the final product.

E.Illustrations- Conceptual sketching can be done for client presentation using pencil, fineliners and markers.

2.Research & Development- Once designs are finalized they take on a life of their own and require development to overcome design challenges and improve the overall product performance.- Researching allows a product to develop even further and will influence all aspects of the design.- Manufacturing procedures can be improved as the technology available changes and better materials can be used on components.- Improving the design itself can be done through testing and includes thermal evaluation and stress analysis software.

3.Prototyping- Designs can be 3D printed and constructed in multiple materials to show case the design and allow for ergonomic adjustments and modification of final dimensions.- 3D printing allows for quick materialization of concepts allowing for improved accuracy on designs where parts need to interact with each other.- Physical parts give clients the edge when presenting their concepts to future investors.

4.Micro-scale manufacturing- Small batch manufacturing can be done using 3D printing and CNC routing.- Materials can include plastic, wood, and soft metals- Batch size depends on design complexity and size.