A Little Bit About Me...

Who Am I?

My name is Jacques Du Toit and as far back as I can remember I've always loved creating things, be it building Lego cars or constructing an elaborate framework to help me reach the cookie jar. Creating is in my blood. I became interested in design at the end of high school and never looked back. Design is everywhere, in your kitchen, your car, your hi-fi and even in your toilet. It's not a job, but a way of thinking. The possibilities are endless when you look for places where your skills can be applied.

My Career

I began working in the point-of-sale industry and soon noticed the scope of my occupation. I left the company after my first year of working and went freelance, jumping into the ocean of chaos in search of new challenges. Working as a freelance industrial designer, I've been going from company to company facing whatever challenge they put in front of me. Meeting new people and seeing the way every company works has given me great opportunities to learn from others. Working with people is of major importance to growing as an individual and allows everyone to learn from each other to help create a better world.

Design Philosophy:

I draw most of my inspiration from nature. It's pure magnificence and beauty is mind-blowing. If you look around you'll notice all our ingenious designs are created from nature. From the way planes work to the detailed schematics of a circuit board. It all relies on the simple fact that nothing would be possible if it wasn't for our natural resources. Everything is linked so it's important to remember your roots, appreciate where all our luxuries come from and not to let greed get the best of you. We all need to put a bit of effort into the world around us.

What I've Learned

Every now and then and just stop, breathe and appreciate the amazing world we live in. I can truly say I enjoy the work I do and with passion and dedication, I push forward.