ADDIS 45 Litre Bin:

This plastic storage bin was designed for household use to store items up to a 45 Litre volume capacity. All parts were injection moulded out of Polypropylene with the main body being a clear plastic and the rest being a solid blue.

The lid folds open and has the option of being locked using padlocks on either side. The main body fits into itself so when the lid is open you can stack multiple units into each other to save on space. When the lid is closed the unit is still stackable and nests neatly into the lid of the unit underneath it. Special inserts were included into the main body to allow for file separators to be inserted for filing purposes.

This design is currently for sale on the market in South Africa and ADDIS owns the rights to it.

This bin was designed in collaboration with Jamii Hamlin while working as a Freelance Industrial Designer in South Africa in 2007.