BP 14M Signage Pylon:

BP approached SPT (Special Products and Technologies)  to build a 14 Meter Advertising Pylon for a Fuel Station on the N2 heading out of Cape Town.

The Skeleton of the pylon was engineered to be 3 main stackable frames that are bolted together on top of each other to give a foundation for the cladding.

Exterior body panels were covered with 1mm Aluminum sheeting and painted accordingly with UV resistant enamel paint.

My role was to design all the parts and assemblies that were needed for cladding the pylon including the base frames to allow parts to be fixed to the skeleton. Base frames were then cladded with the 1mm Aluminum sheeting and glued together using body panel adhesive.

The main concept was to create the pylon in the shape of an aircraft wing. Having rounded surfaces meant the wrapping could be applied in sections to make up the overall shape.

The exterior casing for the 14m Pylon was designed while working at SPT (Special Products and Technologies) as an Industrial Designer in 2009 in South Africa.