Modular Pre-Fabricated Office:

Kwikbuild was a LONRHO backed company selling Pre-Fabricated buildings to African mining companies and Police Forces.

I had to take the original drawing of the office and convert it into a fully working SOLIDWORKS© model for library implementation of standard parts.

Floor drawings were created for welders to construct steel bases.

Bases are stacked in sequence and bolted together through pre-set holes. 4’ x 8’ Plywood boards fit on top of frames without any need for cutting. Screws fix boards directly into streel frames.

Panels we made by laminating 0.9mm CHROMADEK© on both sides of a 40mm sheet of polystyrene precut for male/female joints.

This office was built for a mining installation to include rooms for people to reside in.

The Modular Pre-Fabricated Office was designed while working for Kwikbuild in South Africa during 2011.