Solar Rain:

The Solar Rain water purifier was created to cover our most basic of needs, clean drinking water. It has a robust design that will allow it to function in harsh environments with high UV exposure. The internal space can carry up to 30 Litres of water and purify up to 10 Litres of water a day.

Evaporation and Condensation are the natural processes used to purify the polluted water. Solar Rain works by heating up the water in the basin to around 80-90 degrees Celsius where the water starts turning into steam and as it rises it condenses on the inside surface of the clear dome. The dome will be of a slightly lower temperature than the basin and will therefore condense the water into small droplets. These drops will run down the inside of the dome and collect in the sloped channel of the basin. The slope in the channel will guide the purified water to the outlet, which will run through a small metal mesh to remove and debris and then pass through the ball valve and into the container underneath the unit. The ball valve will aid in keeping the internal heat and pressure inside the unit when water isn’t flowing to the container.

Most bacteria will die once exposed to temperatures higher than 80 degrees Celsius and the same goes for viruses. Another benefit of using the distillation process is that any particles like organic matter, minerals and other sediment will stay behind in the basin and not rise up with the water vapor.

The filter unit contains the mesh filter, ball valve and an optional pod for the LifeStraw, which can give an extra layer of protection in case of highly polluted water.

The most common source of water would be ocean water and Solar Rain will purify this easily.

All the components will be of high quality and have a lifespan of over 10 years. Sustainability is key and having parts that can last a long time in high solar environments is crucial.

The dome will be made from Polycarbonate which has high impact resistance, to avoid any accidental damage during use. The internal basin will be made from aluminum which will be black anodized to further increase strength, lifespan and heat absorption. Using an aluminum basin will also cancel out any contact between the water and the plastic body which will help guarantee the purity and taste of the purified water. The Insulated base will be a roto-moulded part made from Nylon or Polypropylene which will be filled with polyurethane foam to help insulate the unit, further aiding the process of evaporation.