STELLA HAC (Height Adjustable Carrier):

In the VUE department in Stella Custom Glass Hardware there were 2 main door systems being manufactured on site. They were the BF2 (Bi-Folding Door) System and TS2 (Top-Hung Sliding Door) System.

The TS2 System required the HAC to help adjust the heights of the panels.  Each panel would have 2 HAC’s, one on each end. The Sliding Door Panel was suspended using 2 carriers which were each close to the 45° miter joints.

During panel assembly the HAC’s are fixed to each moving panel and prepped for installation on site.

Once assembled on site the main carrier bolt is the key part that carries the weight of the whole panel and allows the HAC to adjust the position of the Main Carrier Bolt relative to the body of the carrier.

The Main Carrier Bolt is a custom made M10 bolt that taps into the body of the carrier. It is also what connects the HAC to the Carrier allowing for on-site adjustment.

A simple Allen key is used in a cordless drill to turn the brass worm gear Cap Head on the front of the HAC. It is very important to take all weight of panel while adjusting the panel height due to thread preservation in the Carrier body. Glazers generally use suction cups on the panel glass and lift from there.

The worm gear and helical gear are sealed inside the body and greased for increased lifespan.

The HAC was designed while working for STELLA Custom Glass Hardware in Vancouver, Canada in 2017.